Bronies for Better Spending (And getting on TV)

 The Brony Thank You Project  Let's run an ad on the Hub thanking all those involved in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for making such a great show!

We plan to produce a 30-second thank-you commercial to run on the Hub.  Because of Federal Trade Commission regulations, we can't actually run it while the show is airing, but we can either run it adjacent to the show or during a high viewership period such as during the Friday Night Family Movie (the top-rated time slot for The Hub)  Depending on how much we can raise, we may be able to air it more than once (for around $12,000, we can get 10 runs during prime time, for example.)  Any left-over funds will be donated to a charity.

And they did it. The ad, and various out-takes and credits are here :

The actual commercial starts about 35 seconds in.

That’s unusual, but where’s the failure?

The “Brony Thank You Project” inspired this amusing spin-off project.
 Bronies for Better Spending  This project aims to match the donations of The Brony Thank You Project, and donate them to a good cause.
While many of us in the brony community do not approve the idea of a pro-brony ad on the Hub network, it is probably too late to stop it now.  The most common argument I hear against the Brony Thank You Project, is that the money they intend to spend on a self-promoting ad spot, could have been used for much greater, less selfish, purposes.  My simple proposal is that we, not only those who are against the Brony Thank You Project, but those who are for it, attempt to match the donated ammount, for charity.

So, how’d they do raising money for charity instead of the promise of getting on TV?

$20 of $2000 goal.

Brony Week ~ Failure is Magic

  • Derpy Hooves


  • Windego

    Ok I really don’t get why they considered a half a minute ad thanking the people who make the same show they obsess so wildly over to be selfish. It sounds more like a few jealous, self righteous people got upset they weren’t gonna be on tv too. I mean, I find the idea to be a pretty nice gesture on their part and the commercial seemed fine to me :/ unless I missed something here?

    • Ognimod

      It is a major stereotype about bronies that they’re extremely arrogant and self-congratulatory about liking the show. They were especially so in the early days (and I think some of them haven’t grown out of it). So the ad wasn’t seen as a genuine thanks to the production crew for all the hours of enjoyment, but as yet another ploy to get looked at by everyone else. Like “Hey, guys, look! We’re grown-ass men who like a cartoon for little girls about love and friendship! Isn’t that quirky and unusual? Look at us! We’re different! DIFFERENT! We’re so unique and special! Look at us!”.

      It has died down for the most part. Thank Celestia…