The sad story of Katalyka and The Sun

Katalyka is a strategy game for 1-4 players that focuses on building a successful Stellar culture that spans across the entire Galaxy!

This … is a weird one.

I considered not posting this one, since the person involved is clearly suffering from a mental illness. However, I feel that if you’re taking people’s money then you’re fair game. I’ll try to restrict my criticism and comments only to what she’s said about her actual project, and allow you, the reader, to take this as a cautionary tale.

In August 2011 Molly Friedrich successfully kickstarted a boardgame called “Katalyka”, thanks in no small part to the game’s gorgeous art.

The Delays

After the project funded, months passed. The project was late and people were starting to get impatient. Finally Molly posted a photograph of her first prototype and it looked great. She promised that shipping would start in a week or two.

…Then nothing. More silence. Again, people started to get impatient.

Delays are common on Kickstarter, but this was starting to try people’s patience.


The Explanation

Finally, in June of 2012, nearly a year after the project started, Molly explained what was causing the delays.

Ever since about December, I've been harassed by a voice that is claiming to be the sun, and its been attacking me and harassing me almost every hour of the day. Voice says: "The sun doesn't want you to publish Katalyka, because it wants to be almost exactly LIKE Katalyka, but it keep it all a secret.  If you publish your game, it is going to let people in on too many secrets." (paraphrasing) Apparently, my design for the game was based on ideas that are too close to reality, and people who have a lot of influence over Life itself have been stomping on me and trying to keep me from finishing it.

Imagine you gave this woman $200 and when you asked where your stuff was you got this in response!

Her posts on DeviantArt and elsewhere make it clear that she’s 100% serious about this, and she’s really talking about the sun. You know, the one in the sky.

However, even Molly understood that it didn’t make sense for an inanimate celestial body a hundred-million miles away to be contacting her about a board game. She eventually came up with a new theory.

Basically, the US Navy has been putting up transmitter systems all over the place, to control the plasma transition, so that it can try to use information as a weapon.  Apparently, I recorded some things in my game that were a reference to Navy weapons, without knowing that... and so I became one of their targets.
Of … course…

At this point someone pointed out on her DeviantArt account that taking people’s money and then not delivering is illegal.

EDIT (4/30/13): A commenter has clarified that this post is not about the Kickstarter project, but about a private commission Molly took before she started the Kickstarter project. I know I said I would only discuss her Kickstarter project, but I feel that this is still relevant, so I’m going to leave it here.

Her reply was not as reassuring as it could have been :
Reply to allegations of theft by Porkshanks, AKA Molly Friedrich.
Yeah, who’s the real criminal, here? Makes you think.

The latest Update

Last month Molly posted this status update :

It seems like the spiritual collaboration I am working with was able to work out an understanding with the military and some other various groups over the last few weeks, and things are feeling very positive for the future!

So … I guess that’s good news?


The Lesson


  • Joseph Bloch

    Is it my imagination, or does her official Kickstarter photo show her topless?

    • KickFailure

      It does.
      The uncropped version is on one of her other sites, but I’m not going to link to it here.

      • Joseph Bloch

        Why, oh, why, oh WHY did I have to search for it!?!?!

        I feel unwell.

        • Molly Friedrich

          I am proud of my body, I’m curious why you feel unwell. I didn’t think that was a tasteless picture at all.

  • San

    Since this post is regarding Molly’s Katalyka project, I felt I should clarify your screencaps. The one about her finding breaking laws to be fun is not in reference to Katalyka, it was a response to a post someone had made in my defense – a commission I had placed (before Katalyka even started) went to shit and my journals about it became more public knowledge after she bailed on Katalyka. That is also why people who donated to her kickstarter say to research first – they found my journals after the fact.

    While that screencap may add to what you’re saying, it is not really relevant to this post, as it is not due to the Katalyka project in itself. It’s from an entirely different incident that she’s involved in. Sorry!

    • KickFailure

      Don’t apologize, these sorts of corrections are important. I appreciate it.

      I’ve edited the article to give the proper context to that screenshot.

      Thank you for letting me know.

  • Ange

    I saw a March all you haters don’t know me and aren’t supporters post then silence. Can anything be done through kickstarter?

    • Guest

      In English, please?

      • Kamorth

        “The game creator posted an update in March (2013) basically calling all the backers ‘haters’ and claiming they didn’t know her, after which she went silent again. Does anyone know if we backers can do anything through Kickstarter admin about possibly getting refunds or finding out what is happening with the project?”.

        I think.

        • Molly Friedrich

          Ive never called my backers anything other than appreciated for their patience… I was referring to how the vast majority of the negative posts about my game were coming from people who never bought a copy.

          Also, I find it kind of irresponsible that this article makes no mention of the fact that the delay in publishing my game was from two main issues… a printer / paper compatibility problem that required me to save up my own personal money and buy a new 4 color laser printer, and a 2000 mile move across country due to my roommates in 2013 deciding they were only going to give me 2 weeks notice before they moved out from the place we were renting… something I didn’t predict because things were going fine with them before this, and there were no warnings from them.

          • Kamorth

            Don’t have a go at me, I was just translating.

          • Molly Friedrich

            How is my statement of correct information to help clear up the situation, “having a go at you?”

          • Kamorth


            You replied directly to my comment? See how it’s got your name and then a little arrow pointing to my name? That means you replied to me and I got an email about it. So yeah, it would seem you were directing all of that at me, which would be having a go.

          • Molly Friedrich

            Lol, I guess we have a different interpretation of “have a go at someone”. Cheers!

        • TheNate

          Technically, it was “plasma beings” that were attacking her.

  • TheNate

    The latest posts show a whole new kind of crazy. Basically, she was disabled, homeless, and born intersexual. But the game will be out soon! And she posts something to that effect every few months.

    • Molly Friedrich

      And I kept my promise, despite my disabled shoulder, my temporary adventure into being homeless due to some irresponsible roommates, and my lifelong quest to gain equality with xx chromosome females. None of these problems which I asked for.

      The game is finished and shipping out to the backers. I’ve shown it at a couple public events now.

      • TheNate

        OK, you should post that to your backers before replying to your critics.

        We all have our problems in life we didn’t ask for.

    • cj friedrich

      It is true, Molly has had many set backs in regards to getting the Kickstarter game out. I know first hand this is so, because she is family. There are several reasons for this, a motorcycle accident that severely damaged her shoulder, she was in fact homeless for several months. It took us several months to save to pay for Molly to come back to WI. We got Molly back to WI., but then because it was winter we had to wait until summer to get her clothes and belongings to WI. (which included all of her supplies for the game). I assure you that
      I have seen first hand 400# of paper, dice, etc. for the game. It has just been a slow process and delays because of the above mentioned delays and the cost of mailing out the game. All the games that were at the Milwaukee Maker Faire last 2014 were only on display and were not sold but eventually mailed out to Kickstarter backers. I was there with Molly to sell her jewelry to raise money to mail out the above games. From speaking to Molly, no one will be happier than her to be able to get every single game mailed out to the Kickstarter backers. The cost of mailing each game is expensive and so she has to either sell jewelry or something each month to send out another few games.
      I wish I had the money to help Molly pay for all of the games to be mailed at once, but unfortunately that is not possible

  • Kyzus Enillikeenge

    I think you guys are rude.

    EVeryone knows that Molly has just finished making hundreds of sets of the game.

    Check her status now… She is at the Makers Faire Milwaukee 2014 right now with the game.

    • Molly Friedrich

      I didn’t make hundreds yet, but I am sending the finished game now. I never said I BELIEVED what the voices were telling me, I was simply recording it as it was happening to me. I really thought I made that clear in my updates!

      Ive never had disembodied voices talking to me and saying crazy stuff at me for most of my life… so I don’t know how else to deal with it other than to tell people it was happening. I’ve actually gotten quite a decent education in the last few years about how and why it was going on. I could sum it up by saying that my life has become a struggle to gain equality with xx chromosome females whose place in life is secured by their ability to get pregnant… something I can’t do.

      Anyways, just thought you’d like to know that this project is not a KickFailure, since it is finished and I’m in the process of shipping it to the backers!

      Btw, I do believe that light is able to vibrate and change its frequency to communicate, but my situation is more complex than to say “she believed the sun was talking to her”. I do think the stuff about communication weapons and the navy was something lying to me.

      • KickFailure

        “[…]this project is not a
        KickFailure, since it is finished and I’m in the process of shipping it
        to the backers!”

        Glad to hear it!

      • TheNate

        One year later – very few games are out. Many backers are disappointed. A new game about candy came and failed. And Molly is still crazier than a rabid dog in a rocketboat.

  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    I might be willing to back one of her projects if she talks about the Sun some more. 😀

    • KickFailure

      I seriously doubt there’s going to be any more updates.

      Her Twitter makes it clear she’s completely disconnected with reality. Her tweets are such word salads that I’m not convinced she still knows what Kickstarter *is*.

      She very obviously needs medical attention.

      • Clayton Weaver

        I suspect a scam across the board. Has anyone seen pictures of this Molly outside the KS profile? I’m just curious because upon doing a reverse image search I find two hits for that profile pic which appears to be nude pictures at a pornographic picture hub site.

  • mersidotes

    Almost three years after Molly came on here to post “this project is not a KickFailure, since it is finished and I’m in the process of shipping it to the backers”, there’s a new post on the project page. This line at the end is interesting: “If you haven’t gotten a Katalyka, you won’t get one.” So three years after saying it’s finished, it turns out it wasn’t finished and backers are never getting the game. Sure sounds like a KickFailure to me…