You guys are a fucking joke!! Let’s see how far your stupid ass website goes you fuckin faggots, get a fucking life! #KayleeBakes has raised more money than you can imagine, so let’s hear what you have to say about that you dickless pieces of shit! Email me pussies! I’d curb stomp your fuckin face in if I knew you!(:

    • erdbeere

      Look at the highlighted text and think again. :)

    • Jamoche

      $95, wow. I kinda thought my imagination was better than that.

      • Jay

        Kickstarter isn’t the only place to get donations. Get a life

        • Jamoche

          Got one. And $95 is pocket change in it.

    • pitbullgirl1965

      Nice sexist, homophobic language you got there.
      And threating to kill people over cupcakes?
      What a fantastic marketing campaign!

  • KayleeBakes

    This better be removed. I have your address ANDY.

    • KickFailure

      I don’t understand. Am I supposed to be scared that you know my name? I ain’t Rumpelstiltskin.

      My name is not a secret. Anybody with basic Internet skills could look it up.

    • Josh Martin

      Just get over it. It was featured here and that it.
      You may be better off trying to go more local and attempt to portray yourself in a more professional manner. You really have to be against the grain and what society expects of one of your age. Being curious, polite, patient, understanding, respectful, and so forth goes really far…
      I’m a year older than you and it’s been two years of crazy work to get my product off the ground. Still after this time I have no clue what will happen. Thousands in equipment, hundreds (thousand?) of hours of time, thousands in supplies, and I’m trying to finish a degree. Life goes on, you have to just keep going, and if it doesn’t work try some other avenue. hawaiiwoodart.com shows a bit of my work that might not succeed. I’m going for a kickstarter so I can get a run of my work done, we shall see if it crashes or not….

    • Josh Martin

      If you were to nicely explain to the author of this website your situation perhaps he’d do an update that’s more favorable?
      A bit of respect goes far..

      • KayleeBakes

        Actually Josh, I did respectfully ask for him to take down the post (in an email) before I even left a comment. I even asked him why he posted it and his response was.. “Sorry you don’t like my website. Best of luck.” Then he took it upon himself to post my second project!
        I’m over it I just wanted to comment back to you Josh to say thank you for your positivity and your art looks interesting I wish you luck! Find me on KS and ill follow you :)

  • KayleeBakes

    You should, I wouldn’t be messing with someone I don’t know who has my name, address, & phone number.

    I don’t see what’s so funny about my projects. Yours looked pretty lame from 2011. That must be why you do it.

    • KickFailure

      >>”I wouldn’t be messing with someone I don’t know who has
      >> my name, address,& phone number.”
      I don’t see why that would matter at all unless you’re threatening me. If I start to feel threatened, I’m confident that your local police department could make me feel safer. I don’t need to hide.

      >>”Yours looked pretty lame from 2011. ”
      I have never launched a Kickstarter project.
      Not in 2011, not ever.

      (Did someone with a name similar to mine launch a KS project in 2011? I would honestly be interested in learning about that. Link please.)

      • Josh Martin

        If you were to nicely explain to the author of this website your situation perhaps he’d do an update that’s more favorable?
        A bit of respect goes far…

        • Guest

          Erm sorry. I got lost on the forums format.

  • WolfSilverOak

    My main question is whether her kitchen has been vetted by her local Health Dept and whether she has a license to make, sell and transport food across state lines. Because Health Depts frown mightily on these sort of shennanigans where there’s a profit being made from the selling of food stuffs.

    • madcarlotta

      Don’t ever look on Etsy then.

  • KayleeBakes

    You all can stop hating because I am a certified chef. Also, I’m not selling I’m advertising. And I’ve been running my business for over a year making hundreds of dollars so you can stop talking about someone you don’t know.

    • FlatSoda

      If you’re making “hundred of dollars”, why are you doing a Kickstarter?

      Also, I’m curious as to what you plan to do with his name, phone # and address, lol

      • NauticalMoose

        Obviously to hang it over his head to make a bunch of empty threats, lol. Probably threaten to sue or something, which will be interesting to see considering she probably can’t even afford the legal fees. 😀

    • NauticalMoose

      You’re a certified chef and yet your cake pops are decorated like a goddamn amateur.

      If you’ve been running your “business” for over a year and have only made “hundreds of dollars” then maybe that’s a sign that you should, y’know, find a new career path? Because lol.

    • Guest

      If you’re not selling anything, what are you advertising?

  • KayleeBakes

    Since you all have burning questions why don’t you actually look at my kickstarter? It’s all answered there, I’m a new mother who barely graduated and started a business through people I know and now I’m expanding it. I’m only 20 for goodness sake!

    Get off my back people!

    To the admin of this website, your ignorant and you obviously didn’t read my project either. It says AROUND the holidays, and I also mentioned that I will probably be shipping early but I put November so no one would be expecting them too soon because I have to receive my funds in order to start the project anyway.

    Thanks for all the attention, but you can ridicule someone else now.

    I wish you would just delete your post!

    • Ann Lamoy

      People are poking fun at you because you have holiday themed cake pops that you are delivering AFTER the holiday. I mean really?? Although I do have to give you props for being up front about that. At least people can’t complain when their Halloween cake pops arrive in November.

    • WolfSilverOak

      I’m not seeing anywhere in your Kickstarters that it says you use a Health Dept certified kitchen or have a license to sell food goods outside of your state.
      So. There’s that.

      • KayleeBakes

        I’m not SELLING, I’m SENDING complimentary cake pops to those who funded me. SO THERE.

        • WolfSilverOak

          ‘I’ve been running my business for over a year making hundreds of dollars…’
          Sounds like you’re selling them to me.

          • Jamoche

            Plus kickstarter projects are supposed to produce, you know, a product.

            Hmm… and “Projects cannot offer rewards in bulk quantities (more than 10).” Because “Offering multiple quantities can imply that rewards are shrink-wrapped and ready to ship when they’re not. “

          • KayleeBakes

            Not to people via mail. This will be my first time sending them anywhere, so thanks for making that clearer for everyone to see.

          • WolfSilverOak

            Ok, let’s break it down for you…
            Selling food out of your home kitchen which is not Health Dept certified is ILLEGAL.
            Selling food without a license to do so is ILLEGAL.
            You are also legally required to disclose what ingrediants you use in your food products, along with allergen warnings.
            NONE of that is disclosed in your Kickstarters, for which you will receive money for food goods. So, yes, you are selling them whether you think so or not. And across state lines no less.
            There are serious fines for when you get busted. I doubt you could afford them, being a single mother and all.

          • NauticalMoose

            To be fair, she isn’t a single mother– the “lovely” (and by “lovely” I mean “obnoxious, bigoted, and clearly has a lot of problems he should probably get worked out”) JAY above is her fiance/babydaddy.

            That said, if she thinks making “hundreds of dollars” in over a year of running her hot mess of a “business,” then I wonder what she’d think of the fines that would come down on her if her “business” were ever reported…

          • NauticalMoose

            So let me get this straight… You’re planning to send out cakepops as rewards for donations (sounds a bit like selling to me…) across state lines and you haven’t even researched whether or not that’s legal and if you even meet those requirements?

        • FlatSoda

          Really? Because I’m not seeing an actual project here, just you trying to sell your product. Who knows when you’ll be able to have an actual business running? Also you don’t have many rewards up, and it seems ridiculously overpriced.

          • FlatSoda

            I’m also curious if “JAY” is your friend and if you will address the awful bigoted messages they’re posting here. That’s making you look bad as well….

          • KickFailure

            @FlatSoda, Good thought!

            According to Facebook (And the email addresses showing up here on my administrators’ panel) Kaylee and our classy commenter JAY are “in a relationship”.

          • Jamoche

            Especially given the update where she says this post is “bringing negativity to my name”.

            No, dear, the thing bringing negativity to your name is you and your friend.

          • NauticalMoose

            According to the Facebook page she listed on the Kickstarter page, “JAY” is actually her fiance/babydaddy. What a professional couple!

          • Catherine Kuehl

            Warms the cockles of the heart, it does!

        • TheWenchAlchemist

          They’re giving you money, and you’re sending them food. Sounds like selling to me.

          Also, according to Kickstarter’s guidelines, you’re not allowed to offer rewards in bulk (10 or more), and yet, you’re offering high-paying backers 12-25 cake pops of their choice. Consider your little “project” reported for violation of their guidelines.

    • KickFailure

      Haha. She said “your ignorant”! And then she posted a screenshot where she made the exact same spelling error! Classic.

      By the way, you do realize that Amazon holds the money for 14 days after the project ends, right?
      So even if your Halloween fundraiser is successful funded, you won’t be getting the money until November 12th?

      • KayleeBakes

        Idek what your talking about now but I’m gonna stop waisting my time on you and I’d appreciate if you did too!

        I don’t have to explain myself to you, your several states away! Stop trying to tear apart my project! I know the terms of Amazon, thank you. It’s called, a credit card dumbie!

        • KickFailure

          Wait. I can’t tell. Are you using “your” as a joke because I mentioned it, are can you not spot the mistake even after I pointed it out?

          • Jamoche

            Judging by the lack of “you’re” in her kickstarter comments, I’d say the latter.

        • pitbullgirl1965

          OMG: it’s WASTING. Waisting is not a damn word. Waist is your waist.

  • inpheaux

    Isn’t this project directly against two of Kickstarter’s fundamental guidelines?

    > Everything on Kickstarter must be a project.
    > A project is something with a clear end, like making an
    > album, a film, or a new game. A project will eventually
    > be completed, and something will be produced as a
    > result.

    “Give me money for my business” isn’t a “project”.


    > Projects cannot offer rewards in bulk quantities (more than 10).

    Sounds like you don’t understand Kickstarter and should start an Etsy shop or something. Better hurry up. A few people might have already beaten you to market: http://www.etsy.com/search?q=halloween cake pops&view_type=gallery

  • Apple

    I think this person might be like.. 15 years old.

  • Dee

    Jay, here some advice that you are in desperate need of.

    “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”

  • Matilda

    You really want her bussnies to fail huh Jay?

  • Kaylee’s Liberated Neurons

    The fact that you two subliterate, entitlement-minded troglodytes have bred is just too depressing for words. Let’s hope your child has at least double the combined IQ of their parents, at least that would render them average, rather than as grunting, apparently violent Neanderthals, who would clearly cope far better with cave paintings than with written language

  • Daphne

    Well, Kaylee, you need to spend less time on a Kickstarter project and more time practicing and learning your trade. You may have talent, but your efforts thus far have been amateurish and poorly executed. You may be a certified whatever, but you need actual practice and work with an expert to be able to put anything together that people would actually want to put money into. You’re 20 years old and you just graduated. You don’t have a very strong foundation for success.

    Also, based on Jay’s behavior on this thread, I think you need to reflect on how you got to the point of being a 20 year old new mom in a relationship with a violent, sexist, homophobic person. You are familiar enough with the internet to be able to research domestic violence resources so that you and your child do not have to continue to suffer from Jay’s immaturity and violence issues. You don’t have to put up with it forever. There’s always someone out there who can help you. God bless.

  • Windego

    It always fascinates me greatly when the person who created the Kickstarter finds a post about them in this site and makes it their life mission to wage war upon the man who dares talk poorly about them and anyone who agrees.

    • KickFailure

      Yes, I agree.
      I understand that you’d be angry if someone made fun of you on a blog, but the response is off the wall.

      The most fascinating response of all is when people assume that they have the right to stop people from talking about them. They DEMAND that I take down my post criticizing them.

      Sometimes they even lecture me about “free speech” in the same email that they demand I remove my blog posts about them.


      • Windego

        I remember another post, it was the guy who wanted to be a writer but somehow kept acting like a victim by making very emo posts and just being a downer. Then blaming Hollywood because…I don’t even know. But his response was so out there, posting all those paragraphs in some backlash to defend himself.

        Criticism happens. Yes, it’s true some people do it more for the sake of trolling and upsetting someone other than being constructive but ultimately, there will ALWAYS be someone who doesn’t like something you do or make. Not everyone with a critique is out to get you. Some people genuinely want you to improve whatever you’re working on so we all get the most out of it. The point is to learn from it all, both good and bad. And I feel like A LOT of these people hear about Kickstarter and somehow misunderstand that the site isn’t some magical moneymaker that’ll fuel your childhood dream of making godknowswhat.

        • KickFailure

          Yes, exactly. They think that Kickstarter is a magical money machine.

          In fact, you still have to market and make people excited about your project.

          Strange how many people don’t seem to get that.

  • Jodie

    I found Kickfailure’s comments about different projects pretty funny but looking at all these comments reminds me of a group of teenagers bullying a child. I understand that Kaydee doesn’t know about some business basics and she also seems to be fanning the fire of ridicule. However she seems genuinely upset by this and I don’t think that should be ignored.

    • Bryon Jones

      “Upset”? you mean how she is having her boyfriend threaten the lives of people who are pointing out that this project is flawed?

  • Theo Anderson

    “They taste as good as they look!”