Fab Flab App Under Wraps

 I want to create a health and fitness app that's going to revolutionise the way we think about food and exercise.

A dieting app? As if there weren’t any of those!

Ok so there's plenty of apps out there that can count calories, give you diet suggestions and workout programs. My app will incorporate all these functions with 1 key difference that targets the way we choose food. There isn't an app out there on the market that contains my key concept so I can't give away much more than that. All I can say is anyone that's trying to loose weight, trying to sculpt a better body or simply trying to maintain their current physique, this app is for you!

He wants $50,000aud (about $38k American) and he won’t even tell us what the app does!

He’s asking for money and telling us he can’t tell us what it’s for!

Whatever you do for a living, next time you talk to a customer, try this strategy! See if it works!

(If they don’t look like they’re going for it. Show them some photographs of a pale and hairless male torso.)

Stir the Pot

 The Pot Shot is a device you will use to stir your soups so it does not burn.

Since the advent of sliced bread and electric toasters, I’d have to say that toast is the single easiest-to-make hot food item.

Surely though, soup is in the top three.

However, for some people, like Sean from Fairfax, it still presents some difficulties.

Sean from Fairfax,VA --   I am a young professional who has always been into building and inventing and is very through in his devices.

He’s given us only three written sentences describing his wonderful invention, but I think they tell the story pretty well.

  The Pot Shot is a device you will truly feel a reward in owning.  It was created by a young professional who developed it and is improving it along the way.  It will stir your puddings and is very rugged.

“Will truly feel a reward”? Really? Who writes like that? This guy must work in fortune cookie factory.

For more on how this device works, let’s turn to this incredibly awkward pitch video.

Yikes, painful. But here’s something that could have been even more painful.

 $5 reward  0 backers  You will find a true reward in owning this device when it comes out.
This is the only reward level offered by this project. Do they really mean to imply that they would send me a pot-blender for only $5 including shipping? I don’t think that’s what they thought they were saying, but you could certainly read it that way.

If they had succeed, they would have had over ten-thousand people who thought they were owed a free pot-stirrer. There’s no possible way they could have manufactured and shipped all those without going massively in debt.

They really dodged a bullet by failing so badly.



I don’t really have a joke here, except to say that “E-Shark Force” really, really sounds like it was an animated cartoon shown in the 80s on Saturday morning. Probably lasting only one season. Just long enough for the branded toy line to be introduced, and fail miserably.

Anyway, since I don’t have any jokes prepared today, let’s enjoy this classic Bat-Man clip :

Slick Serpents

Slick Serpants and Bad Apples
 The Christian Women’s Guide on why they must avoid romantic relationships with unsaved men, and what they should look for in a man

If there’s one thing a modern woman loves, it’s a bald white man telling her who she should and shouldn’t date.

You can click the image up top to see the project page and read his long description, including a summary of every chapter of the book, but I think this is a nice summarizing thought :
 I am confident that the message of this book will do wonders to encourage single Christian women to make better decisions for their lives regarding relationships and marriage. It will also help expose Satan’s plan for Christian women, as well as for the family. With your help, we can make this book happen, and this time, in a way that will be more acceptable to women. Please pledge whatever you can to help make this book a reality.

Still, I wonder what’s got this guy so hot and bothered about how women choose their lovers? Perhaps his Facebook account will reveal a clue!


Well, that’s what I expected, but it doesn’t really indicate anything. Let’s take a look at his Twitter. Huh. There’s some racism here, both subtle and overt, but I think this is probably a good clue :

If that’s the reaction he’s getting from ladies, it’s no wonder he’s not getting his serpent slick.

What *IS* this?

What's This --  Ever had a spider in your house and wanted to know if it was poisionis or what kind it was? Introducing the photo reconition app,

So it’s like Google Goggles? For spiders?

This started out with me and a friend playing with a medal detector. We kept digging objects out of the ground that we could not identify. So we thought wouldn't it be great to have a phone app that could tell us what these unidentified objects were. So here I am trying to make that happen. Have the drive and ambition to get this done but am lacking  funds . This app will be able to take a picture and then identify the object in that picture with name and other information

So it’s like Google Goggles for everything, and about a thousand times better than anything Google has been able to manage.

That seems … pretty impossible.

Risks and challenges  Only thing I have run into thus far is the copy write for the name What's This . But I am currently working on a solution for the problem
That’s it? That’s the only risk you can think of for this impossible, Even-Google-Can’t-Do-It project? Really?

Aww why am I picking on this kid?

Sometimes I feel mean about picking on projects that are so clearly written by some twelve year old who doesn’t understand how the world works yet.

 mike orlik  Foley, AL  I am a 30 yr. old Maintenance supervisor. I have a wife and 6 kids. I like camping, hiking, pool, outdoors etc..


Spit Detector!

 Scan and detect saliva in your food and see it on your smartphone!

This is Mr. Richard Klein. Normally he sells walkie-talkies, but recently he has become really worried that someone will spit in his burger. I mean Really worried.

I wonder why anyone would spit in such a nice man’s burger?

Apropos of nothing, Here’s some Amazon reviews Mr Klein has left for products competing with the “Blackbox” walkie-talkies that he sells.



Anyway, Mr Klein repeatedly reminds us that he’s “not a couple of kids in a garage”, but he’s a real company, with real profits! So, what’s he raising the money for?

Please help us build a working prototype of this product.  We CAN do it, but we need your help.
That’s right. The part he didn’t do is actually build a machine capable of detecting saliva. He hasn’t even proved he could do it! You know, just the entire point of his project. (Note that he’s not technically violating Kickstarter’s rules on prototypes because those only come into play if you offer your product as a reward, which he is not doing.)

We are a 24 year old company with high level engineers, but need to hire additional code writing geeks to help with the complicated algorithms of the refractive scanner. Our tooling for the housing is done, all that remains is a lot of engineering and figuring out the correct scanner apparatus, then building prototypes!
How odd. Typically the housing is created towards the end of the product development. You know, after you’ve figured out what the electronics look like. Otherwise you’ll wind up with electronics that doesn’t fit in the housing.

But still, those devices in the video must have been the housing his company designed and tooled! Neat. Let’s take a look at that close-up!

(Notice that his cufflinks are labeled “pearl”. He wouldn’t want us to mistakenly think they were cheap plastic.)

What a lovely prototype. In two colors, too! But look what I found :



Solving the Trickiest Problem of USA’s Police force


A couple of days ago, a man driving a state police car pulled up right behind mine and turned on its flashing lights and briefly toggled its siren. I pulled over to the curb to see who the man was, and what he wanted. Turns out he was a state police officer wanting to ticket me for (allegedly) going 70mph in a 65mph zone.

But how could I have known it was a copper? What if it was some psychopath who had somehow acquired a perfect replica of both a police uniform, and a highway patrol car?


If only every police car in the country was required to have windshield that lit up with the word “POLICE”!

Then I’d be able to tell … well, actually, I’m not sure what it would tell me. I mean, I can already recognize police cars. They’re already covered with equipment that civilians aren’t supposed to have.

Just imagine having the ability to see and confirm at the safety and security of your own vehicle that you’re being pulled over by a vialed police officer.  The Red and Blue warning light is a thing of the pass, our specialized windshield is a verification method giving citizens a reliable method of knowing that they are being pulled over by an actual police officer while maintaining a safe distance.

Equine Ignorance!

 The ponies in the picture are missing something... embroidery! With your help, I can fix that and make my plushes at least 20% cooler.

Here’s another plush unauthorized My Little Pony project! These turn up from time to time. Sorry for not keeping you up to date on all of them, but most of them just aren’t hilarious.

This one’s about what you would expect. Someone wants some money to make a bunch of plushes featuring characters from Hasbro’s telvision show “My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic

So why am I featuring this one? Well this caught my eye. It has a potential to be hilarious.

From the FAQ

 Isn't this breaking copyright law? Won't Hasbro be sending you a cease and desist order?  First of all, "copyright law" deals with directly copying something in a specific medium. I would be breaking copyright law if I took a plush made by Hasbro itself, used that pattern, and made plushes of my own. Since I'm not doing that, no, I'm not breaking copyright law.

No. That’s completely wrong. Copyright also covers “Derivative Works”, which is why you can’t publish your own Harry Potter books, even if you don’t copy a single word from J.K.Rowling. Worse than that, in 1978 the courts ruled (Walt Disney v. The ‘Air Pirates) that characters themselves are copyrighted, and using them in another work is copyright infringement.

So to recap, you’re creating a derivitive work of MLP:FiM, for which they can nail you, also you’re copying several characters, for which they can also nail you.

She goes on for a few paragraphs about how she “may” be violating Hasbro’s trademarks, and then finally ends on this :

So to give you the tl:dr version, no, Hasbro won't be sending me a cease and desist order.
Wanna place a friendly wager on that? Judging from recent other MLP plushies projects, I give you about a 50% odds of lasting long enough to collect the money.